My Solo Founder Journey

To figure out the potential of self took time and you have to make some important and hard decisions in your life. The main lesson I learned is that if things are not working in a direction then change the direction.

Whatever I learned from my school & university life, I’m staring into this blog post.

After my schooling, I was preparing for an engineering course to get admission into a government university. So, I joined a coaching class to prepare for the engineering entrance exam.

First-year(2010), I give all the universities exams and got failed. Because I applied only for engineering.

Because I was not able to pay private colleges fees. I told my father that I wanna try once again.

Second-year(2011), again I apply for engineering into all universities in INDIA + B.Sc. Hons. computer course in Aligarh Muslim University(A Central University).

Again, No success in the engineering admission but I was shortlisted for B. Sc. course in the top 30.

At this point, I was also interested to give the 3rd try for engineering. But I took my father's advice and was admitted into B. Sc. Computer Course.

You guys can't believe that I see 60 computers in a single room first time in my life and from that day I was living most of the time in that room(Our department computer lab) & I was also bunking boring lectures to sit into the lab.

After 2 years of failed attempts, I got the right direction that I have to just explore this computer & internet world.

At this point, I learned two things.

Choose the direction where is not much rush or competition. you will have more options & freedom to do in a less crowded space.

Just do things you enjoy and excite you in your life. Just took inspiration from other successes, don't follow their path.

I also figured out public computer labs in my university to use in the nighttime.

Things I was doing in my 3 years bachelor program.

  • Browsing awesome websites
  • Download video tutorials for web designing & I was enjoying the process of downloading.
  • Start hunting new methods and ways of downloading content from the internet.
  • Build some torrent clients, launch free movies websites too just to learn web projects.
  • Make some good money with ads for pocket money
  • Also got invitations from the engineering department to work on their projects. So, I stop all these movies' work.
  • I got my first international part-time job for $3.5 per hour in the final year of graduation and I was making $300 per month while doing graduation

I continued my studies in Master of Computer Application for 3 years. Because I was making good money with my part-time job and got free hostel to stay in and best infrastructure to work, close friends group.

I was just studying 1 night before the exam to pass my semesters. My focus was just to pass the exams.

In my master's 2nd year I get to know a book company of one. I read some of the pages and decided to build my company as a solo founder after my master's degree.

— Now a new phase started, that’s on-campus placement.

This was the best experience of my life. Companies were coming on campus and their selection process was based on data structure and Algorithm based and my logic area was not much strong.

I was not able to crack their interview tests and some of the company criteria were based on high school marks and in high school, I just got 49.5% so I was not qualified for their interview process.

I got a little disturbed with that and I try learning some data structure books and try again but got rejected because that field was not my interest.

So I apply outside campus via an online job board site in more than 50 companies but everyone was asking logical questions on phone.

One startup gave me a Front-end design assignment and I completed that in a day and I got hired without any logic questions.

-> Things took time, just keep digging your interest area and follow that direction.

The person who hired me quit the company and I was the only one in the tech team. So, that was a great opportunity for me to learn lots of things. I was doing 9-5 jobs + 3 hours side contract work + figuring the side project to build.

After 9 months, I was not feeling good to work on 3 things at a time rather than one with full focus. So, I decided to quit my job and contract work.

In 2019, I moved to Hyderabad, India, and got a seat in an incubator with the help of my friend.

Long story short, I build my first Successful SAAS company(NoCodeAPI) after 1 year & 7 failed micro-startups.

After running this company for 1 year in India, I registered Pte. Ltd in Singapore as a solo founder, Made more than $200k in 20 months(Lifetime deals, 4 product acquisitions), 3 big iterations on the NoCodeAPI platform with users feedback, Reach $2.7 MRR within 10 months.

Currently fully focused on the NoCodeAPI & there are lots of new things coming on the way, the current target is to reach $5k by end of this year.

To reach this level, I'm so thankful to God, my family & friends, online communities.

In last, I would say again that things took time. So, just keep doing what you love.

This is all, I got in my mind today. So, I'm sharing with you guys.

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Thanks for reading this. ♥️