SAAS product

My name is Mohd Danish. I'm bootstrapped founder & working full time on my side projects since January 2019 and I sold one micro-startup( for $23k in June 2019.

On 28th June 2019, I got an email the second time from the same person to acquire my product(Not generating any revenue but getting 100k+ pageview per month). So, this time I made my mind to do exit and made $23k direct in my account in 6 hours.

After, I decided to build a SAAS product as many of my twitter friends doing and making enough money to live.

Aug 11, 2019, I was checking my twitter feed and find someone need a tool that can make API with NoCode. Tweet link

I also feel that this is a real problem to setup stripe, Google Analytics, Google Sheet API, Instagram, and more. There were lots of tools for google sheet only. So, I decided to build a marketplace for all third party APIs in a single place with NoCode way.

Next moment I bought the domain and make the coming soon page with the text "Now you can make API without code" + an email input box to collect emails.


I was shocked that many people facing the same problem and want this tool. So, I finally make my mind to build this product when I got 10 emails with coming soon page on the first day.

Before my product acquisition, I was working hard for 12-15 hours to make a profitable online business with my products. So, I decided to take a 1-month vacation to chill.

I back to my favorite city is Hyderabad in south INDIA in October and start working on NoCodeAPI. Finally, I finished working MVP in 20 days from the backend to the front-end. The only thing was to integrate the Payment Gateway.

In SAAS products, the main task is Payment Gateway. So, I choose Stripe because people trust this company and they have developer-friendly API documentation.

So, Stripe was not launched in INDIA at that time but I decided I'll only use Stripe. I don't know what I was thinking that. I talked with my friend Fajar Siddiq about how to do this Stripe thing. He suggests me to open a company in Singapore and you use Stripe there. I like the idea when he told more benefits for startups than INDIA.

This part is interesting

The next day, I checked VisaList website for the VISA requirement for INDIANS. On, 21st Oct 2019 I fill the e-visa form online with some third party agent website to get my 30 days e-visa for Singapore as a tourist and they charged me around $40 + Tickets. They told me I will get my e-visa by 1st November.

I booked my round tickets from 5th November(Departure from INDIA) - 4th December(Departure from Singapore).

On 1st November, I got an email that you have a VISA interview on 2nd November at the Singapore Embassy in Chennai. Breath Breath Breath. At this point, there no sense to talk with my agent because they will not listen as I know. Finally, my e-visa converted into more hassle. I booked my bus ride from Hyderabad to Chennai that is $10.

Finally, I reached there in Morning and that day I have my first VISA interview. I was really tensed and nervous about what If they canceled my VISA. I reached the Embassy on time.

Interviewer: Why you going SG. Me: Going to travel

Interviewer: What you will do 30 days in SG Me: I don't know. My friend will guide me there.

Interviewer: How you meet with your friend Me: On twitter.

Interviewer: 😳😳😳😳😳😳 and suddenly he laughed. Ok Ok Ok.

I still don't understand why he shocked and then laughed.

Interviewer: Ok. Wait. Me: I scratch my head and thought is this all. I think they will reject my VISA. 😤😤😤

After 15 minutes, the Interviewer came back with my VISA application and Yes, it's approved. I was so happy that I'm going to SG after 2 days.

So, I also have to meet with my family before going to SG. So, this is the flow for the next 2 days.

Flight booked Chennai ->(1.5 hours flight) -> Delhi -> Bus from Delhi ->(120km) -> reached home at 2 AM(3rd November) -> Chill with family for 2 days -> Leave home on 5th November -> (120km) -> Airport and flight at 3PM. -> After 5 hours -> Singapore.

So, I was staying at Fajar Siddiq host me at his beautiful house 30 days and I really appreciate his support. We had lots of fun together and hack together. We meet many makers in SG and communities.

I forgot about the main task for that I came to SG and doing lots of fun, meeting new people, attend a marriage party in SG 3 times, and I also bought my first Macbook there.


After, 10 days I got an email that your stripe account is active for beta program in INDIA. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

So, at this point the best choice to use stripe INDIA because I don't have to pay too much to my CA in INDIA. After an amazing 30 days trip, I back to INDIA on 5th December.

Payment integration is also done in the product. Now I shared the product with my close friends to use and to the users, those put their email on Coming Soon page. Collecting feedback -> Improve -> Fixing bugs.

Finally, on 12th July I decided to launch the product on Twitter and ProductHunt.

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Thanks for reading until here.