Story — Ship on Producthunt

I was following an open source GitHub repository of a well know Developer Expert toddmotto. this repository is a collective list of free APIs for use in software and web development.

He started this repository in 2016 and he listed some couple of public APIs. And Until now repository listing 600+ public APIs with 450+ contributors.


So, I was thinking to build an interface for this awesome list of public APIs with some extra metadata(like date and author) that was not mentioned in the README file.

If you want me to write a post about “How I build this project and about the tech stack” then comment down with “Yes”.

After 30 hours coding in a week, the MVP is done to share to the users who are following that repository. Because now they can easily navigate new APIs with an interface.

I shared the project link to that GitHub repository issue thread with the comment. Migrate to a website · Issue #203 · toddmotto/public-apis

The time has come. We now have a lot of public JSON APIs. It’s a pain to search the ones we’re interested in. What…

I was checking my twitter feed at that time and some indie maker tweets about his product ship on ProductHunt.

Then I thought why not publish this Project on ProductHunt Website.

Date: 2019–01–05, Day: Saturday, Time: 03:30:00 (time to sleep for coders).

I just go to the ProductHunt community website and click on the ship button, filled all my product details over there and click on the published button. that’s all. it took me maximum 10min to published.

Next 30 minutes…

I was continuously checking my product page and hoping every time that someone will upvote my product. But count_upvote == 0. I think at some point that maybe all the community members are on the bed and snoring.

But when I was shutting down my laptop then again I check that page and you what happened 4 upvotes and 1 comment.


the first comment on my product

Then I feel ok the count_upvote++ is working fine as well as comment module too. then, I go to sleep and get up in the morning around 10'O clock and headed to the home for 2 days with my elder brother on the bike.

When I reached the home my younger sister start preparing lunch for me and my brother. So, meantime again I check my product status that this time +20 upvotes. But what I see it’s trending and I shout with happiness that my product is trending today and it’s 65 upvotes with 4 positive comments.

I was not expected that my product goes this high. The plan changed that 1 day is enough to stay home this week and get back to work. So, the next day in the morning I packed my bags and get back to the city where I work.

count_upvote++ is non stop.

So, I tweet that my first product on ProductHunt is trending today.

I found a thread on Reddit that someone published a post on a thread(/r/webdev) and it was trending at that day also there.

End of the day

I’m shocked that I got one badge. You know what for? it’s #1 product of the day. Here is a graph of my product upvotes on the first day and google analytics for 3 days.

Next good news.


Got another badge that’s for #4 product of the week. Now I’m waiting for this month to end to see the result. You will not believe that it’s also #1 in the list for the product of the month. Posts for January 2019

Product Hunt is a curation of the best new products, every day. Discover the latest mobile apps, websites, and…

So, I realize that it’s not only a product it’s a solution to a problem that users were facing. And if you solve that problem then it will become the real product to use.


In the End, I wanna say thanks to ProductHunt communities to upvote my product and thanks to “Ryan Hoover” for creating this wonderful and supportive community. I’m fully motivated to build more products to solve the real problem of the world.

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