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I really love to read good stories & write true stories based on true life events. So, today I’m sharing my life experience about how I made good money with my product in less than 48 hours.

I solved 10 problems I faced with MVP & launch on ProductHunt.

After all those, I build my first SAAS product that related to API called

NoCodeAPI - The easiest way to connect your Google Sheet, Airtable, Google Analytics, Twitter, Telegram, Open Graph API, MailChimp, 50+ application APIs without any backend.

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I Build NoCodeAPI MVP in 20 days. Finally, launch on ProductHunt on 12th January 2020 & tweeted also. Everyone was loving it & this was #1 product of the day.

My tweet got 100k+ impression & 17k media views.

On the launch day, I got my first 3 paid customers & more than 1200 signups. The launch was really successful but I learn one thing after 6 months that it’s easy to keep running a business & get money from the customer pocket.

I made $2960 profit until 31-July-2020 but the growth was not good that I was expecting. But, One thing I realized that people need this product and I have to work more on market the product than develop new features.

One of my mentors told me that if you can get validate the idea & people are paying for your service. Don’t give up just keep working on it and keep iterate according to what the user needs. So, I also get more confidence that Yes, this will be going to good.

Couple of things I did after that in Marketing:

  • Made YouTube channels & record videos for all the APIs. -> Got Good traffic
  • Weekly email newsletter about new updates, integration, & pricing update in the bottom -> Got good conversion to paid users
  • Auto-mated email when free users cross API usage by 50%, 75%, & 100% to upgrade plan.
  • Write content about the use-cases for the APIs.
  • Video call with the free & paid customers if they need any help.
  • Improve the documentation part more easy & simple for users.
  • I also keep adding one integration every week.

After all these things I was able to get $850 MRR until and this was pretty great.

I see people were launching Lifetime deals and made more than 10k in 2 days.

I was working on NoCodeAPI 2.0 with a new dashboard & I decide to launch a new version with 100 Lifetime deals launch offer. I was calculating that if I made this then I could be a millionaire in my country in 2 days and if I got failed then this will be a great lesson for my journey.

You guys can’t believe that I was getting mad and my heart was pumping. I was getting stripe notion on every 10 minutes. Someone bought Business Plan Lifetime subscription for $249. I was getting so excited & feeling a high responsibility for the users.

And finally, the experiment was really successful & I made $20,228 in less than 48 hours. I become the first solo millionaire in my country within 2 days.

It’s not about I never made that much money in my life, I sold the first product I build in Jan’2019 for $23k. The point is this money from my first SAAS product.

This all my experience with this experiment & I’m seeing a huge potential with the product. I’m still working hard to make the product more mature & profitable.

That's all.

I'll keep writing about my real-life experience. You can follow on twitter for the next story.