Zero dollar MVPs

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Today I finished the development of my 3rd project of this year that is without investing any amount into servers and marketing.

You were thinking about the time I’m investing in the products building?

Yes, I invest my time and time is valuable but I’m learning many things while doing all these kinds of stuff. So, implementing these experiences into client works.

List of Products

Here I’m listing products which I built this year and launched on ProductHunt.


Here I’ll list the technologies and tools I used to build for all above three projects.

Public APIs Tech Stack:

Public APIs is a database for public, free and private APIs for software development like Weather API, Music API, Games and Comics API, Sports API, Science API, Open Data API, etc. frontpage.


Here what I used to build this website with no cost.

  1. ReactJS: To build the interface(Front-end).
  2. Material-UI: React Components to Give a Material Design Feel.
  3. mLab: Online MongoDB Hosting(Free up to 500mb).
  4. The best online tool available in the market to quickly build node applications and their servers are so fast. I’m using hosting node APIs to communicate with mLab.
  5. Firebase: GitHub SSO (aka) Single sign-on and using firebase database to store users saved APIs.
  6. Netlify: The backbone of any application is servers. where to host? So, I’m using this famous service to host my react application and hooking with a GitHub repository to automatically deploy.
  7. MailChimp: For sending weekly newsletters it’s free up to 2000 subscribers and 12000 monthly emails.

React Index Tech Stack:

It’s a platform of React Knowledge Resources only to React as Podcast, Tools, Tutorials, Books, Communities, Projects, React Native, etc.

The tech stack is the same as for public-APIs.

Dailyhack Tech Stack:

It’s a community where Developers, Makers, and Geeks share there hacks/tricks they use in their daily life while developments and building stuff. It’s my best project that I build. frontpage.


I used a different stack to build this product from previous tech stack. Here is the list.

  1. Next.js: It’s an Open Source Project that supports Server Side Rendering for the ReactJS applications. Yes, no external configuration required.
  2. GitHub Issues System: Yes, you can use the GitHub Issues System as CMS. So, I’m using this to store dailyhack post as every new issue with a tag #dailyhack.
  3. GitHub API: To get the issues list to display on the website.
  4. Using to make a layer on the top of GitHub APIs for securing GitHub
  5. Styled JSX: To Design I’m using CSS inside JavaScript.
  6. Zeit: To host this SSR(Server Side Rendering) Application I’m using Zeit Hosting free tier that is enough for my requirement and it’s awesome due to It’s the now-cli tool. You can publish the website just one command now`.

You know what? It’s Open Source Project So, you can check out the full code of the website.

If you liked my hack in building products without any cost, then a clap will be appreciated. So, what hack do you use for building your products? Please let me know in the comments.

Special Thanks to Sunny Singh( for re-phrase some paragraph.

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