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I write about my daily hacks, I do in my

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I write about my daily experience.
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Build Personal Blog with GitHub Repository
This is the best project I have done and the best use of the GitHub Repository. So, I'm building my read more
Top 5 Open Source Libraries to Scrape Website Data
Scraping website data is like a magic trick that lets you extract web data without having to copy an read more
How I’m Building Products with Zero Dollars.
Today I finished the development of my 3rd project of this year that is withou read more
Story: My First Product shipped on ProductHunt
I was following an open source GitHub repository of a well know Developer Expert toddmotto. this rep read more
Story: My First Contribution to an Open Source Project
I’ve been working on my company project that is a dashboard where data is scattered into the form of read more
Setup git and use with GitHub
Today I am writing about git that how setup git and how this will helpful in development. we will us read more

‎‍👨🏻‍💻 Open Source Projects

I'm really pasionate about open source projects. I'm following a community where many top developers do open source in their free time.
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I learn all these skills while developing projects. So, I always keen to learn new stuffs and technologies.
VS Code

🚀 Side Projects

I build some side projects with zero dollars cost and all are shipped on ProductHunt.
Yummy Taco

Public APIs

Public APIs: A Collective Index of Public APIs for Software Development

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It's a place where people share there daily hack they use in their developments. So, Do you have any hack?

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Tweet Jobs

It's a Search Engine on the top of Twitter to find latest jobs posted on Twitter.

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API with GitHub

It's a basic tool to make quick and simple JSON APIs and host on GitHub repository

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ReactJS Talk

A curated list of ReactJS conferences around the world YouTube video. Build with Gatsby.

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Dynamic Template

This tool will Generate Email Template Code with Dynamic Data as JSON object or API. Get the generated email template and add into Mailchimp, Sendgrid or whatever service you are using to send newsletters.

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React Index

It's plateform where developers can find good articles about react as Tools, Tutorials, Videos, Podcats, Books

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Ramadan Makers

An open community for all Muslim Makers around the world 🌙ra

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