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I'm 26y old Front-end Engineer but I can do anything related with technology. 🚀 I can make MVP in days, 🧙‍♀️ Magic with NodeJS, 🤖 Automate the boring stuffs, 👨‍💻 Hack the third party APIs for any use case, 🛠️ Play with No-SQl Database and I always get a solution of the problem. I have completed my Master in Computer Application From Aligarh Muslim University, INDIA. I'm foodie & love to cook 🍳.


I write about my Startups, Projects, Life experience, daily hacks - I do in my Projects.
Experiment with Lifetime Subscription & made $20k in 48 hours.
4 min read
👋 Hi, My name is Mohd Danish from INDIA & I started my Indiehacker journey in January 2019.
Story: My first SAAS product after 10 MVP
5 min read
My name is Mohd Danish. I'm bootstrapped founder & working full time on my side projects since January 2019 and I sold one micro-startup(https://public-apis.xyz) for $23k in June 2019.
My Bootstrapped Micro-Startup got acquired for $22k
7 min read
Building my 9th bootstrapped micro-startup product in 2019.
Build Personal Blog with GitHub Repository
2 min read
This is the best project I have done and the best use of the GitHub Repository. So, I'm building my blog with the Gatsby theme plugin and GitHub issues system as CMS.
Top 5 Open Source Libraries to Scrape Website Data
4 min read
Scraping website data is like a magic trick that lets you extract web data without having to copy and paste. It can all be done through some lines of code if you know basic Python syntax.
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My Projects

I build products to solve real problems of developers.


Tool for Front-end Developers to build third party APIs without Code


API Coding

A single place on the internet for APIs Development, Public APIs Collections, APIs tools and Resources from the internet.


Tweet Jobs

It's a Search Engine on the top of Twitter to find latest jobs posted on Twitter.



It's a place where people share there daily hack they use in their developments. So, Do you have any hack?

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